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July 17th, 2010

SALE July 2010


Please leave a comment with the items you want or you can email me at beautopiablogsale@gmail.com with the items you'd like and your location and we can go from there. Thanks for looking!!!

MAC Lipglass (top row left to right): Racy 2-3x $8, Boundless 3-4x $7, Algorithm 2-3x $8, Starlet Kiss 2-3x $8 (HOLD), Fashion (Dress Camp) 2-3x $9, Malibu Barbie 4-5x $8, Sex Ray 4-5x $7, Pinking Sheer 4-5x $6, Dazzleglasses in Glamour OD, Funtabulous, and Comet Blue used 5x each $6. She-Boom and Lil Sizzler Lipgelees used 4-5x each $7 each. 
Bottom Row: Pink Clash 4-5x $6, Corps de Ballet 5-6x $4, Lovechild 4-5x $6, Petit Four 4-5x $6, Red Devil 1-2x SIB $8, Hot Stuff, String Bean and Darjeeling minis $2 each.

MAC Paradisco, Climate Blue, Top Hat, Parrot and Patina as shown $9 each.

MAC 3 Cool Lips palette each shade used 3-4x lightly $6, Strobe Liquid 50% full $5

MAC lipsticks as shown: Party Mate $9, 3N $8, Mellow Mood $8, Syrup $5, Lure $7, Sashimi Mimi $8

MAC Lipsticks as shown: High Top $9, Plum-Like $3, Sci FiDelity $7, Fresh Buzz $5, Lovelorn $4, Curiousitease $4

MAC SIB Lipsticks as shown: Utterly Frivolous $8, Snob $4, Lollipop Loving $14 (HOLD?), Lavender Whip $12, Hue $7

items swiveled up all the way: MAC TLC Stick in Strobe Kiss $5, MAC Tropic GLow Slimshine $5 (HOLD), Prudeaux Slimshine $5, Gaily (loose from base)$2

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume I - used lightly, $45 HOLD

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume II - used lightly, pencils removed - $45 HOLD

Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box - most shades used lightly, a couple have dips, applicators used - $25

Stila Boldy Beautiful (Barbie repackaged) palette - the one on the left has one shattered pan, the others are used 2-3x, the one on the right is tested lightly 1x in box. Left one is $10  (HOLD) right one is $20

Urban Decay Shadows - Speed tested 1x $8, Midnight Cowgirl tested 1x $8, Midnight Cowboy tested 1x $8, YDK used 2-3x $8, Diamond Dog Stardust used 1x $15

Urban Decay Surreal Cream to Powder Foundation in Trance used 2x lightly, has lint from brush slightly on surface, can be wiped off but I'll leave that to you so you can remove the amount of product you want. Smells fine, is still good. $8


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